Kirkus Review for Gulf Boulevard

Kirkus Review for Gulf Boulevard

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Here is the review for Gulf Boulevard. I believe overall that this is a positive review. My True Crime story, Life minus 3 1/2 is about to go to print. It will be available as an e-book and a soft cover. In my next post, I’ll show an article on how an author sold over 400,000 copies of her book without a publisher or an agent by using Amazon. I hope to achieve similar results.







Hart, Dennis Dennis Hart June 12, 2012

Hart (Life Minus 3 1/2, 2012, etc.) returns with the humorous adventure of a lotto winner, a gang of mobsters and an unlikely group of friends along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Like many people, Jason Najarian is tired of his job. Day after cold New England–winter day, the accountant trudges through ice and snow to sit at a desk and dream of palm trees and tropical breezes. After a lucky omen compels him to buy a lottery ticket, cut to Jason living a life of luxury on Sand Key, a barrier island off the Florida coast. A cast of unsavory characters soon appears on Jason’s secluded stretch of sand. Neighbor and Mafia hit man Sal Santini, however, is often more comical than sinister. Readers learn early of Sal’s chosen profession, but Jason remains oblivious for much of the book. Hart plays this card too long, as clue after clue is all but dropped at Jason’s feet; yet he still doesn’t catch on. Nor, apparently, do his other new friends. Phyllis Hammerstein—the real estate agent who sold Jason his beach house—involves herself in his personal life at every turn. The beautiful Native American Fiona, also known as “Running Bush,” jogs onto Jason’s beach and into his most intimate dreams. Amber shows up with a sour, judgmental mother in tow along with tales of two troublesome brothers on the mainland. Add to this unusual mix a bearded bait-shop attendant with an unkempt ponytail, who conjures up strains of dueling banjos from Deliverance; a curious but reluctant blue heron named Harry; and a parrot who can recite the entire script of Scarface and “shoot” people with his realistic imitation of a machine gun.

With such a sprawling cast of players, it comes as no surprise that some fall prey to stereotype. Flirtatious cougar Phyllis transitions too quickly from her annoyance with Jason to obvious affection for him—especially after his net worth is revealed. Jason’s money-hungry ex-wife and Sal’s portrayal of a bumbling, none-too-bright mobster also cover familiar territory. But overall, Hart’s characters are well-developed as they blend together in an offbeat, funny story. The frequently thrilling tale ends on a cliff-hanger that begs for more fun and danger in a sequel.

An eclectic mix of characters heightens this absurd, comic adventure.




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