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Letter from the publisher

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September 26, 2013


Dennis Hart’s Gulf Boulevard, to be released in February, 2014  as a $29.95 320 page hardcover (ISBN 978-1-57962-353-1) is a thriller unlike anything we have published before.

How to describe it?  Zany?  A social satire? A farcical mystery with a cast of preposterous characters who are, nonetheless, easy to identify with—a la Carl Hiaasen?   An ingenious comic cozy?  Or simply an over-the-top romp?

Whatever one calls it, it’s a hard book to put down once started, about a guy, down on his luck, who wins a lottery and decides to start living a life-of-luxury on a sparsely populated island off the coast of Florida. Except that Paradise presents its own intimidating complications.

The flap copy on the dust-jacket speaks for itself…both describing the overall plot lines and the author’s credentials. A sequel is in the works.

May you be as taken with Gulf  Boulevard as all of us at The Permanent Press have been.