Publication Date for Gulf Boulevard

Publication Date for Gulf Boulevard

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The following is the tentative release date for Gulf Boulevard submitted by my publisher The Permanent Press. TPP is well known for publishing mystery novels and many of the authors have won awards and received numerous accolades. I know, you’re probably saying to yourself, “How the hell did he get on that list?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself . TPP receives over 5,000 submissions a year. From that pile they select 12-15 books they believe are worthy of publication. My humorous adventure of a burned-out accountant meeting up with a hitman in hiding piqued their interest. Co-owners Marty Shepard and his wife Judy, read the book, liked it, and bought the rights. They compared my writing to the work of Carl Hiaasen, a very successful humorist and NY Times best seller. So early in 2014, Gulf Boulevard will be published. I’m not sure how it will be marketed or if you’ll be able to find it in your local bookstore, but it will be out there begging for readers. I hope you’ll be one.



Month     Title                                      Author                     pages  ISBN 10       ISBN 13

                                                                                                           1-57962-           978157962

Jan    THE WOOD OF SUICIDES        Laura Woollett           208      271-2         271-8

Jan    THE CULLING                            Robert Johnson          256

Feb   GULF BOULEVARD           Dennis Hart             320


Feb:  DEATH IN VENICE, CALIFORNIA Vinton McCabe     224

Mar   DAKOTA                                    Gwen Florio

Mar  SAVING THE HOOKER           Mike Adelberg

Apr   MY LADY OF THE BOG         Peter Hayes                     240


Apr  THE ANARCHIST                      Joanna Higgins              240  

May  VOODOO RIDGE                      David Freed

May  A MOVEABLE FAMINE            John Skoyles                  256

Jun    PARKER FIELD                         Howard Owen

Jul   VULTURE au VIN                     Lisa King                        272



Aug  RIDE AWAY HOME                    William Wells               192 

Sep     UNNATURAL MURDER           Connie Dial

Oct    RIVER OF GLASS                       Jaden Terrell

Nov     COP JOB                                      Chris Knopf